Kaveh Pahlevan
Planetary Scientist

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Selected Publications
  • Pahlevan, K., Elkins-Tanton, L., Schaefer, L., Desch, S. 2018 A long-lived primordial greenhouse on Mars, submitted to Nature (in review)
  • Pahlevan, K. 2018 Telltale tungsten and the Moon. Nature Geoscience, 11, 16-18. pdf
  • Pahlevan, K., Karato, S., Fegley, B. 2016 Speciation and dissolution of hydrogen in the proto-lunar disk, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 445, 104-113. pdf Press: A dash of water on the lunar rocks link
  • Pahlevan, K., Morbidelli, A. 2015 Collisionless encounters and the origin of the lunar inclination, Nature, 527, 492-494 pdf News and Views: The Moon's tilt for gold pdf Press: Scientists Link Moon's Tilt and Earth's Gold link
  • Pahlevan, K. 2014 Isotopes as tracers of the sources of the lunar material and processes of lunar origin. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A, 372, 20130257. pdf
  • Pahlevan, K., Stevenson, D.J., Eiler, J.M. 2011 Chemical fractionation in the silicate vapor atmosphere of the Earth. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 301, 433-443. pdf Press: Did magma rain on the early Earth? link
  • Pahlevan, K., 2010, Chemical and Isotopic Consequences of Lunar Formation via Giant Impact, Ph.D. Thesis, California Institute of Technology. pdf
  • Li, K-F., Pahlevan, K., Kirschvink, J.L., Yung, Y.L. 2009 Atmospheric pressure as a natural climate regulator for a terrestrial planet with a biosphere, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 106 (24) 9576-9579. pdf Press: Caltech Scientists Predict Greater Longevity for Planets with Life link
  • Pahlevan, K., Stevenson, D.J. 2007 Equilibration in the aftermath of the lunar-forming giant impact. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 262, 438-449. pdf News and Views: Isotopic Lunacy pdf
Manuscripts in preparation/submitted
  • Greenwood, J.P., Karato, S., Van der Kaaden, K., Pahlevan, K., Usui, T. Delivery of water and volatiles to the inner Solar System, review chapter in "The delivery of water to proto-planets, planets, and satellites" (submitted)
  • Pahlevan, K., Schaefer, L., Desch, S., Elkins-Tanton, L. Hydrogen isotopic fractionation and the redox state of the terrestrial magma ocean (in prep. for publication in EPSL)
  • Schaefer, L., Elkins-Tanton, L., Pahlevan, K. Redox evolution in magma oceans due to ferric/ferrous iron partitioning, (in prep. for EPSL)
  • Canup, R., Righer, K., Dauphas, N., Magna, T., Kleine, T., Pahlevan, K., Cuk, M., Stewart, S., Rufu, R., Nakajima, M., Salmon, J. Origin of the Earth and Moon System, review chapter in "New Views of the Moon II" (in prep).